Institutional Giving

NPR is grateful to the many institutional donors that have helped us provide the strong journalism and rich cultural programming that our audience has counted on and cared about for more than 40 years.

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Grants from institutions make it possible for NPR to maintain longstanding programming as well as launch new initiatives, collaborate with our Member Stations and explore new technologies that will extend the reach and impact of public radio to new audiences in new ways.

Foundations often provide general support to NPR news and cultural coverage. This unrestricted support keeps our newsroom humming, our correspondents out in the field, our reporting ambitious and our programs fresh.

In some cases, institutional funders invest in specific areas that reflect their mission and align with NPR's priorities. This may include support for coverage of important subjects such as global health or climate change or arts and culture. Funding also may be directed to NPR initiatives such as technological innovation that propels broadcast radio into the digital age; increasing diversity in NPR's audience, staffing and storytelling; and training the next generation of public radio journalists who will continue to serve our audience in ever more innovative ways.

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NPR also competes for and receives grants from the nonprofit Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which has been a vital partner with NPR since our founding in 1970, collaborating on the creation of new programming, development of new technologies and the strengthening of our public service.