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Advertising Policy

Here at Grist, we devote ourselves to tireless, independent reporting on the environment. The environment, as it turns out, doesn’t pay very well.

Money for our tree-free pencils and Commodore 64’s has to come from somewhere, so in addition to welcoming donations from our beloved readers and kind foundations, we accept advertising.

We politely decline any advertising that we believe is false, libelous, exploitative, or hateful, or that just doesn’t look as pretty as the rest of our site. However, for the most part, we maintain an open-door policy with advertisers. Come on in! While it is our fervent hope that our advertisers see eye-to-eye with us on the importance of caring for ol’ Ma Earth, we’re not going to be niggling or uptight about it. After all, as they say in legalese, “the ads we run represent the opinions of the advertisers, not necessarily the opinions of Grist or its staff.” And our advertising arrangements will have no impact on our hard-hitting, truth-telling editorial mission.

We believe our readers are discerning enough to evaluate the claims made by ads. If they’re capable of ignoring our bad puns, certainly they can ignore ads they don’t like.

We appreciate diversity — biodiversity, gender and ethnic diversity, and diversity of opinions — and our ad policy reflects that. Let a thousand banners bloom!