If only the city of Denton had been this strong!

Range Resources doesn't have a good track record in Denton or in Mansfield (or Pennyslvania). Unlike Denton, Mansfield stood up to company and denied their gas drilling permit.

Mansfield council denies gas drilling permit because of previous violations Arlington ...


scubawithdogs said...

Corinth is strong also even thought the city council meeting lasted until after 2:00am the city council and mayor held strong and denied XTO the variances to drilling on the Lake Sharon Christian Center.
The city's questions were intellegent and well thought out. When XTO would present an arguement I would think the city should ask them this question and the city did when it was their turn to comment.
When XTO said you will be "denying us access to the minerals" which is gas company speak for "we will sue you" Corinth's leaders stood strong.
I was glad I attended the meeting the questions and outcome were such a refreshing change from our own city politics.

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