The Book of Lists Subscription

Reach the right business, right now.

The Book of Lists gives you essential information on the leading buyers, businesses and employers in over 60 of the U.S.'s most dynamic markets; a snapshot of local economies with a perspective you can't get anywhere else.

Contact local business decision makers.

Discover the top companies by industry that need your goods and services. Connect with decision makers by importing contact information and start closing sales with efficiency.

Boost your marketing efforts with better leads.

Use this data-rich business resource to find vital statistics on the top businesses in your local metropolitan area. A great tool for B2B marketing and the best way to know your competition.

Network with proven potential employers.

A tougher economy calls for a powerful job searching tool. The Book of Lists contains business intelligence you need to find the right company for you.

Gain more success with fundraising.

Trying to raise money for your cause or charity? Find out who controls the purse strings in your market and direct your appeal to them!

The Book of Lists Subscription

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