Is Anybody Listening? It STINKS!

(Thanks for keeping your Eyes on Range Scubawithdog)

The residents by this Rayzor Ranch industrial drilling site are complaining but nobody in the city seems to be keeping track.  We were given a list of individuals to contact for each of the 21 SUP conditions.  Initially, they had given the job of responding to calls to city Code Enforcement department.  Unfortunately, the complaints seemed to come after-hours when there was no one to take the call.  After an email to the Mayor, City Council and several individuals in the city planning/zoning department that quickly changed and new numbers were published in an article in the Denton Record Chronicle.  These included the fire marshal, the city attorney and the police department.  Yet, the person primarily responsible for most of conditions, the fire marshal Charles Meyers only accepts calls during business hours. 

A recent phone call to the police department revealed that the officers had not been informed of their duty to oversee Range compliance to the SUP. Furthermore, it seems they are not providing reports on the number of calls they received.  I personally called regarding noise and smell but the police had no record of the call.  So, were the SUP conditions just a pacifier for the citizens?    

The city can rectify this issue by hiring an oil/gas inspector who would take complaints  24/7 (like the city of Burleson).  Additionally they would be responsible for checking on all the wells and drilling operations in the city. Come on Denton- let’s be a leader in the Barnett Shale, force the companies who want to drill in our city to really be good neighbors. 

What You Can Do

We have got a log going so please let us know when you submit a complaint to the city (or TCEQ, EPA) by sending an email to dentoncrud@gmail.com. Please include the following information we need:
·          Your name and contact information,
·          Date of the complaint
·          Description of the complaint
·          To whom you submitted the complaint and what was their response  


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