"Most Barnett Shale facilities release emissions" says the Dallas Morning News

See folks, we aren't making this up.  Read the full story on the Dallas Morning News website but here is one extra special (revealing) part of the report:

On Aug. 27, at another company's gas-treating plant in the Denton County town of Justin, state inspectors checked a tall stack they called an unlit burner, seemingly idle against an afternoon sky. Infrared video showed chemicals pouring into the air.
On Oct. 11, 45 days later, "emissions from the unlit flare were again observed and documented," inspectors wrote.
By then, Kinder Morgan Treating LP had acquired the plant from Crosstex. Kinder Morgan told the TCEQ that the unlit flare was actually a vent stack, or emissions point, and that the emissions did not mark a leak.
On a TCEQ questionnaire that asked for an "explanation as to how you plan to fix or have fixed the observed emissions," Kinder Morgan wrote that it would take no action because the plumes were "authorized ... and expected."
"No leaks were identified," company spokesman Joe Hollier told The News in an e-mail. "Therefore, no repairs were required." 

Wow that took some guts! (along with a complete disregard for the welfare of the people in Justin).

Access the map which shows the sites where infrared videos taken by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality documented emissions from Barnett Shale natural gas operations.


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