In a previous post, we discussed a "spill"(dump) at Range Resources' Rayzor Ranch drill site. Somehow, I missed a request from a reader to add a video of the "supposed" 5th wheels.  So...


Anonymous said...

Those "5 wheels" are the "HOMES" of many of the men you were filming without permission. Those men are there daily from dusk til dawn without seeing there families and loved ones to make a living for them. They eat, sleep, and work as people do everyday and work HARD in extreme temperatures daily. They do not need you or anyone else out harrassing them while they are trying to work. These men have families that live anywhere from 3-10 hours away and you are not only invading their work environment you are invading their privacy. There is nothing wrong with the "5 wheels" being there for these men. They are parked behind the walls of the site and are kept clean with all waste going to its proper place. As a MOTHER of 4 children and WIFE of one of the men you filmed, I can tell you that NO ONE works harder then these guys and you should back off.

TXsharon said...

We understand that these men work very hard in often dangerous conditions. We ALSO understand that this drilling company likes to cut corners and do things that are illegal, like dumping their sewage out the back of the barrier into the field and claiming it was drilling mud. They also refuse to use the filter on the diesel engines that could reduce the diesel emissions. Diesel emissions cause cancer.

As the very hard working SINGLE mother of 2 boys and a landowner who lives near drilling, I want to make sure that best practices are followed so that my children won't suffer from the KNOWN health effects of living near natural gas development. You should thank us for staying on top of this drilling company. Because of our scrutiny, your husband is probably a lot safer.

If there is nothing to hide, why would your husband mind being filmed?

Anonymous said...

This was the very same pitiful excuses I used to hear about the workmen on my property. My PRIVATE property that was stolen from us from the gas company. I have hours upon hours of video showing these hard working men spilling thousands of gallons of carcinogenic fluids, urinating out in the open, dumping sewage into the waste pit, pumping huge clouds of toxis fumes at our home, it never ends.

How about I park my truck and camper 200 feet outside your front door and blast music and rev my truck 24/7?

If the workmen are so proud of themselves and their work, I'd think they'd be proud to be on video.

Im so sorry that the only job available to your husband seems to be digging holes on other people's property.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind being filmed. I would just like to get the facts straight. The supposed toilet paper was insulation from the sound walls which was provided to keep noise down. The supposed leaking well was steam from hot mud and cold air on the mud pits.

Anonymous said...

i'm with yall all the way. let's get rid of all the oil and gas and let's go back to horse and mules and wagons. i was raised as a child in rural oklahoma and i have no problem going back to an outhouse. i remember my grandparents never had air conditioning so let's get rid of that too. as far as electricity, we really wouldn't need it because we could work from daylight to dark planting vegitables to put on the table. we would be tired enough to go straight to bed. and if we didn't have electricity the world would be so much more a cleaner enviroment. if we got rid of all the vehicles the air would be cleaner and life would slow back down. we should especially get rid of all the SUVS. nothing makes me madder than to see a SUV and just one person in it. well i think we should have a week set aside to not use electricity,gas,air conditioners,bathrooms and everything that come into use since we were kids. we need to show everybody the we are sincere in our quest and not just blowing in the wind. by the way, i can get anybody a horse that needs one.

scubawithdogs said...

The homes around those 5th wheels are our homes and our neighborhood. Most of us choose to live here because it WAS a nice quiet neighborhood. It used to be fun to go to the park and walk your dog. That all ended when Range came to town with their subcontrators Pioneer drilling and Halliburton. We have been invaded and our quality of life changed by greedy people trying to make money.
Your husband knew what he was getting into when he accepted the job for money. The neighbors are not getting paid to be kept awake all night by clanging pipes. The very pipes your husband is getting paid to clang.
If the workmens privacy was being invaded I would think that would mean they were being video inside their trailers. If they are ashamed of what they are doing tell them to put bandanas over their faces.
The neighbors are wives, mother, fathers, and elderly who are trying to figure out what give a company and the people who work for it the right to move a work camp into our neighborhood and pollute our air, water, soil, de-value our property and run and industrial site 24 hours a day 7 days a week less than 200ft from a city park and across the street from the hospital.
I will back off when they leave us alone. Have you been to the site? Would you let your children play in the park while 3 diesel engines are belching out black smoke 24/7, flaring, or fracturing with chemicals Range refused to disclose to the fire dept.
These gas companies have no regard for human or property rights. They will continue to abuse the laws in Texas for their own gain. Your husband will become a causality of their greed along with the rest of us.

TXsharon said...

Ahmmm, nope, that wasn't insullation. It was toilet paper and it is impossible for mud to have spilled where the sewage was dumped--laws of physics and all.

Anon 8:05, no one is suggesting we go back to horses. We are insisting that drilling be done right! Is there someone here who wants drilling to be done wrong?

scubawithdogs said...

Don't know anything about steam but it seems a little hard to believe since we cannot video the pit from the front gate and the temperature has been pretty close to 80 degrees during all video there was any steam in our videos. So let's see that would mean the ambient temperature would have to be something like 160 degrees to make steam. Damn you do work in some extreme temperature. This maybe something OSHA needs to investigate.
I may not be the sharpest tack in the drawer but I videod toilet paper coming from water being drained from the west side of the sound barrier directly behind the 5th wheel's black water holding tanks. Yes, there was a large roll of insulation back there but it was not mixed in with the water and toilet paper seeping from under the west sound barrier wall. Plus that water and drainage smelled like doody and I have an expert doodygate witness to verify my observations.
Of course since the city did not show up to investigate our complaints until 4 weeks later there was plenty of time cover up the evidence.
We have permission to video anything on the property from the surface owners of the property so whine all you want but we don't have to stop. There has been no harassment or rock throwing (heard that crazy statement) that I know of just concerned citizens trying to make Range operate within the law.
You see we have to do this because the city, state, and federal government does not seem concerned about the health or welfare of the community living around these industrial site.
We also have hundreds of hours of video and documentation of the lax practices by Range and Pioneer. Every poor response by city, state, and federal officials documented and will continue to document and file complaints until our quality of life is preserved and protected.
Now do you workers live in Texas? because I keep hearing how we should just suck it up and put up with the pollution because of all the jobs it is bring to Texas. I have videos of many license plates from out of state going in and out of the Rayzor Ranch site. Maybe you guys just register your truck out of state but live in Texas. That would explain it, just like the insulation!
Is everyone legal? no sex offenders right because you are within 1000ft of a children's park you know. I am sure your company would not want any of it's employees breaking any laws.

Anonymous said...

Most of these comments are just totally out of context. I live in the country where there are many drilling sites all around us from various companies. Never have I been concerned about the health of my children. They all go yearly for their exams and their pedi knows what they are exposed to and the line of work my husband is in. I have been to this job site and many others. Although, yes it is not the most beautiful site to see as you look out your front window (which this is as I believe is why most people truely complain) it provides jobs and electricty for the people. I have slept with the sounds of the pipes being changed out around my own house and have no complaints. The walls around the site absorb a big majority of the sound. As, for the black smoke everyone is referring to, look at what you subject your kids to on a daily basis. You stick them on the BIG YELLOW school bus and send them to school or you sit in traffic where fumes come in through your own cars. There is pollution everywhere. My husband loves his job and has been in his field for 7 or more yrs now. He also sees a doctor on a regualr basis and no medical conditions have been found by his doctor. These men would be the first to get sick and suffer from anything being that they are right there in the middle of it. Never heard of any medical problems that the men have suffered from doing their job. As for the comment made about everyone being legal!!??? This must be a joke. These men go through extensive background checks prior to being hired and also are checked on a regualr basis for anything illegal as well. As for the out of state tags, there are sub contractors that come in and handle certain parts of the job. There are only MAYBE a handful that live out of state. I can in particular only think of 1. We DO live in TEXAS. Some of these out of state tags you may be seeing could also be men and WOMEN (yes WOMEN) who go around to the different sites to sell their tools or products to these compaines to use. If you wnat to complain about the Pollution then more power to you, but most people writing on this blog have never been in a drilling site to know all the ins and outs of what is invloved and have no reason to judge the Men there doing their job. My husband has no problem being filmed if you want FACTS. Just seems as though you want to take bits and pieces of crap (that you have NO CLUE about) and put it all together to make a complaint.

Anonymous said...

You people make me sick all u do is fit in your home looking for sumthing to complain about!! I've never met u but I can deff tell why u are a single mom!

Maggie said...

Wow. Let’s keep this civil & avoid personal, derogatory statements. Like you, I work but while I'm working I do worry about the air my family is breathing and the water they drink. We are just trying to clean it up for everyone, including you. So please, stop the insults or find another place to vent your anger.

scubawithdogs said...

How could your pedi know what your children are exposed since gas drilling companies do not have to disclose what chemical they pump into the ground during fracturing?

I also did not see a response regarding the matter of bring your children to McKenna Park to play while Range is fracturing and flaring.

You have to believe the things you say because it puts bread on your table so I think that somewhat jades your judgement.

We on the other hand do not want to spend our precious spare time making sure Range and Pioneer follow the rules but obviously someone has to do it.

We stand nothing to gain while you and your family depend financially on believing whatever the gas companies want you to believe.

To Anon 10:20 I don't think it is us making you sick but the air you breath and the chemicals you ingest. What time was your shift over or is it?

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