If only the city of Denton had been this strong!

Range Resources doesn't have a good track record in Denton or in Mansfield (or Pennyslvania). Unlike Denton, Mansfield stood up to company and denied their gas drilling permit.

Mansfield council denies gas drilling permit because of previous violations Arlington ...

Did you hear the screeching last night?

I've heard from many of the neighbors around the Rayzor site that the noise has been horrendous lately.  If you are being disturbed please call in a report
Who you call for noise:
  • Before 5 p.m. Charles Meyers is your man. His office number is (940) 349-8323.
  • After 5 p.m. its the police non-emergency number (940) 349-8181 
Then please make one more step and send us an email so we can record you complaint in our log. Here is the address: dentoncrud@gmail.com.   In your email please include the following information:
  • Your name and contact information
  • Date of the complaint
  • Description of the complaint
  • To whom you submitted the complaint and what was their response

Does this look like drilling mud to you?

Some one has requested stills of the Range Resource supposed mud spill video so here you go... 

Just one square

And here is the mother lode....

Here is the Algae
And here is the cover-up

Happy Fracing Earth Day!!!!

Yesterday two Denton residents reported what appeared to be illegal dumping of sewage by Range Resources employees from travel trailers parked on site at northwest corner of Bonnie Brae and Scripture. The odor and drainage was on the west side of the site outside of the sound barrier wall. The concerned citizens put in a call to the wastewater collections for the city of Denton whose solution was to send out a ‘crew’ to talk with the Range’s foreman. Range claimed that they had just lost a little drilling mud off one of their trucks. I guess they didn’t see any point in taking a sample of the spill nor did they get a really good look because they missed the big wads of toilet paper.
     The concerned citizens proceeded to call TCEQ and TRC to look into the spill. Meanwhile Range starts bull dozing the spill to cover-up whatever it was they dumped/spilled/discharged/spewed/polluted. The police, fire department and other city officials watched as the cover-up occurred.
     We are anxiously waiting on the reports from all the agencies which were contacted and from the city on how they intend to deal with this situation. I also can’t wait to see how Range will explain why they didn’t report the spill immediately.
     You decided is it sewage or toxic mud? Here are some of the videos to help in your analysis of this perplexing situation:

Background Check

Range Resources Corporation, a company based out of Fort Worth secured the rights to drill five gas wells on a 3-acre site of land on the Rayzor Ranch Development. Their site is either directly across the street or in close proximity to:
  • McKenna Park
  • Denton Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital
  • Vintage Retirement community
  • Residential homes
  • Private Pre K-3
  • Denton County MHMR Center
  • University of North Texas
  • Numerous doctor offices including
  • Pediatricians and ob/gyn(s)
How did this happen?
Just two individuals who own property within 500 feet of the proposed site gave their consent. For their consent, these individuals were promised royalties. These 2 properties are rental houses. Little notice had been given to the adjacent residential & medical property owners. Most of the property owners had no idea that this site had been secured to drill 5 gas wells until a few concerned neighbors began knocking on doors just days before the proposal went to the City Council. Ninety-three percent of the eighty neighboring residents contacted were against the drilling. Additionally, close to 100 local physicians signed a petition in opposition to wells.
     Although the issue was tabled multiple times by the City Council, the final decision was to grant the SUP with the addition of 21 conditions. Concurrently, Range Resources was in litigation with both the city and the developers/surface owners of the Rayzor Ranch development. The city claimed that Range had “shorted the city at least $400,000 by miscalculating royalty payments from gas produced at three Denton Airport wells” while the Rayzor developers believed Range had missed their deadline to begin drilling.
     Many of the citizens of Denton were outraged that Range was given the okay to drill. Several individuals then asked the city to fund environmental testing prior to the drilling. They believed that testing would alert the city and those in close proximity to the wells of possible exposure to harmful chemicals, contamination and resulting health concerns. The city declined and the residents set about raising money to cover the cost of hiring an environmental firm, Wolf Eagle Environmental, to perform, interpret and validate the findings.
     Although tested in less then optimum conditions (it was cold and windy) and only the first well was being drilled, the results indicated tests found “cancer-causing benzene and a host of sulfides above levels the state sets for safe short- and long-term exposure, along with elevated readings of methane”. Range has now begun the drilling of well number two. Unfortunately, they have already shown how neighborly they truly are by violating the conditions, working in the middle of the night and on Christmas Eve. The noise can be heard several blocks away. The smells of the emissions are horrid, leaving some individuals complaining of headaches, nausea, burning eyes and throat.

Here are a few ways the company could have been a ‘good’ neighbor:

  • Chosen a site which didn’t border a neighborhood. At a bare minimum they could have had a setback of 1000 feet from any residential structure, park or medical facility
  • Notified individuals living within 2000 feet of the site a written timeline and description of all planned operational events and a phone numbers to call in case of emergency
  • Used electric motors rather than diesel or used diesel emission filters to prevent exposing residents to cancer causing diesel emissions and fouling Denton air with smog producing NOx
  • Not flared- Devon hasn’t flared in over three years. Devon has stated publicly that there is no need to flare in the Barnett Shell!
  • Used equipment which in the normal course of operations would not admit un-combusted hydrocarbons into the open air
With Eyes Wide Opened
This experience has opened our eyes up to the nationwide issue of irresponsible drilling. Although we initially started with the Rayzor Ranch site we quickly moved our focus to a broader view of the entire city of Denton and its neighboring towns. We realize that true change is going to have to occur on both the national and state level. We hope to play our part in bring about that change.

"Most Barnett Shale facilities release emissions" says the Dallas Morning News

See folks, we aren't making this up.  Read the full story on the Dallas Morning News website but here is one extra special (revealing) part of the report:

On Aug. 27, at another company's gas-treating plant in the Denton County town of Justin, state inspectors checked a tall stack they called an unlit burner, seemingly idle against an afternoon sky. Infrared video showed chemicals pouring into the air.
On Oct. 11, 45 days later, "emissions from the unlit flare were again observed and documented," inspectors wrote.
By then, Kinder Morgan Treating LP had acquired the plant from Crosstex. Kinder Morgan told the TCEQ that the unlit flare was actually a vent stack, or emissions point, and that the emissions did not mark a leak.
On a TCEQ questionnaire that asked for an "explanation as to how you plan to fix or have fixed the observed emissions," Kinder Morgan wrote that it would take no action because the plumes were "authorized ... and expected."
"No leaks were identified," company spokesman Joe Hollier told The News in an e-mail. "Therefore, no repairs were required." 

Wow that took some guts! (along with a complete disregard for the welfare of the people in Justin).

Access the map which shows the sites where infrared videos taken by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality documented emissions from Barnett Shale natural gas operations.

Poor Range is getting beaten up!

In article published today in the Philadelphia Inquirer Range Resources discusses their neighborly attitudes:
"I have to go through the same process over and over again, and get beat up every time," said Mike Middlebrook, vice president of North Texas operations for Range Resources Corp. 
This maybe why they continue to get "beat up"

"I've learned a lot about city government in the last two years."
Middlebrook said the company has quickly learned how to be more responsive to the public. Range has its headquarters in Fort Worth, and has about 350 wells in the Barnett. It is also one of the biggest operators in the Marcellus.
On a tour of one of the company's rigs, Middlebrook pointed out new houses where some neighbors had complained about noise. Range installed meters to verify the complaints.
Middlebrook noted that residents closer to the well site had not complained because they have an economic interest in drilling - they are part of the lease that will receive royalties from the well's production.
"They're not hearing anything," he said.
That's often the case in the oil and gas business - those who stand to gain financially often have a more positive view than those who are getting no direct benefits.
Read the full story titled Well, Well Neighbor.

Is Anybody Listening? It STINKS!

(Thanks for keeping your Eyes on Range Scubawithdog)

The residents by this Rayzor Ranch industrial drilling site are complaining but nobody in the city seems to be keeping track.  We were given a list of individuals to contact for each of the 21 SUP conditions.  Initially, they had given the job of responding to calls to city Code Enforcement department.  Unfortunately, the complaints seemed to come after-hours when there was no one to take the call.  After an email to the Mayor, City Council and several individuals in the city planning/zoning department that quickly changed and new numbers were published in an article in the Denton Record Chronicle.  These included the fire marshal, the city attorney and the police department.  Yet, the person primarily responsible for most of conditions, the fire marshal Charles Meyers only accepts calls during business hours. 

A recent phone call to the police department revealed that the officers had not been informed of their duty to oversee Range compliance to the SUP. Furthermore, it seems they are not providing reports on the number of calls they received.  I personally called regarding noise and smell but the police had no record of the call.  So, were the SUP conditions just a pacifier for the citizens?    

The city can rectify this issue by hiring an oil/gas inspector who would take complaints  24/7 (like the city of Burleson).  Additionally they would be responsible for checking on all the wells and drilling operations in the city. Come on Denton- let’s be a leader in the Barnett Shale, force the companies who want to drill in our city to really be good neighbors. 

What You Can Do

We have got a log going so please let us know when you submit a complaint to the city (or TCEQ, EPA) by sending an email to dentoncrud@gmail.com. Please include the following information we need:
·          Your name and contact information,
·          Date of the complaint
·          Description of the complaint
·          To whom you submitted the complaint and what was their response  

What’s the Risk for Our Children?

Here is a good one. The Texas Railroad Commission wants Texas teens to know the dangers of being around oil/gas well sites so they developed a lesson plan for Middle & High School teachers. Included is an enlightening video (at the bottom of the page) which has great quotes such as this one: “These are oil tanks, definitely no place to chill. The slightest spark, even static electricity could wipe out a skate park.” (or a school!)

Here is the inspiration for the video:
       In April 2003, four students in Palestine, Texas were killed when they inadvertently set off a massive explosion of several oil storage tanks. While appearing safe, the oil stored in the tanks can give off flammable fumes. According to investigators, these fumes were ignited by a cigarette lighter. (http://www.rrc.state.tx.us/riskproject/index.php)

This is one question the video didn’t answer: If well sites are so risky, why would they opt to let them be installed next to schools? If given a choice, I would bet most parents would pick the safety/health of their children over cash. Do you know if the school which your child attends has a gas well close by? If so, post a comment.
I’ll start: Guyer High, W.S. Ryan Elementary, McNair Elementary, Selywn…

Besides a potential explosion what else is wrong with having wells beside schools? Toxic air emissions, trucks hauling lethal substances alongside buses & cars full of kids, soil/water contamination….
Here is a parent speaking out in Corinth about wells close to Hawk Elementary which is a school in Denton ISD.  This was orginially posted on the Corinth Cares blog.
What can you do? Speak up. Let the City Council and the School Board (link for the Selwyn folks) know this is unacceptable!

Ensure this issue gets addressed - Come to the April 20th City Council meeting located at:
City Hall
215 E. McKinney
Denton, TX 76201

Lets compare....

Denton's version of informing the public versus Southlake.  Or how about Burleson?  But hey, the flowers are nice.  Lets ask the city to do a better job keeping the citizens informed. 

Come to the City Council meeting on April 20th- the City Council will be reviewing changes suggested by the planning and zoning department to Denton's gas ordinance. 

We have a few suggestions of our own. Follow the  Drill Right Texas: Best Oil & Gas Development Practices and hire a technical advisor such as Wolf Eagle Environmental.


They had to zoom in on the flowers in the picture above or else you would have seen this industrial drilling site across from McKenna Park.