Friday, May 6, 2011

GASLAND Movie Showings Reviews

Teague Community Center
Saturday 4-30-11

Thanks to Teague Community Center
for allowing us to use their facility.
We had 12 people in attendance for
this showing, we all enjoyed this informative,
movie. We had a lively discussion after,
covering even oil drilling in Mexia, in
the fifties, and how Lake Mexia was
needed for a water source after oil
drilling contamination. Health effects,
and Noise pollution were also covered.
We handed out our new VAD brochure.
Vibro Acoustic Disease has several
symptoms, foremost thickening of the
heart muscles. See post below for more.
We are looking forward to obtaining
the movie Split Estate, which deals
with eminent domain issues.
Remember your best defense is to be informed.

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