Citizens Empowerment Project

The Citizens Empowerment Project is a powerful new tool that enables communities to use the best available technology to expose toxic fracking air pollution.

Thanks to generous Earthworks supporters, we were able to purchase a FLIR Gasfinder camera, the same kind used by industry and government agencies to detect leaks and chronic pollution.

But instead of hiding this technology in the halls of power, we’re putting it in the hands of people.

Communities living nearby oil and gas operations often are exposed to air pollution that can cause serious health problems. However, the energy industry claims there is no proof, and, as a result, the impacts are often discounted as “anecdotal.”  The Citizens Empowerment Project aims to outfit citizens with the tools they need to document the pollution that is occurring in their communities.

The FLIR camera provides visual evidence of gases leaking during oil and gas activities or being purposefully vented or released into the air as part of an operation. The camera we use in is designed to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This technology, along with our FLIR trained staff armed with 25 years of experience in the field, is helping communities see what’s in the air they breathe at home, in school and around town.

Watch our new video to see for yourself the toxic air pollution from fracking you can’t see with the naked eye.

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Help frontline communities collect the data they need to protect themselves from air pollution caused by oil and gas operations.

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