Infinito Gold: Repect the Vote, Drop your suit against Costa Rica

Las Crucitas mine would destroy protected forests
Canadian mining company Infinito Gold wants to build the Las Crucitas mine in Costa Rica’s Cerros Crucitas: a pristine, protected forest area that is home to several endangered species.

The mine would threaten the San Juan River watershed with contamination by cyanide and heavy metals.

A man hangs a banner reading "No to the Mining Industry" during a protest in San Jose on Oct. 27, 2008.

Infinito is suing to overturn a democratic decision to block its mine
Infinito Gold is suing the Costa Rican government in the World Bank’s International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

That’s because Costa Rica has blocked the mine. 75% of the population oppose Infinito’s proposal. The country’s courts, including the Supreme Court, blocked it. And in 2011, the country reinstated its national ban on all open-pit mining.

Unfortunately, Infinito’s lawsuit is part of a pattern. Mining companies have increasingly been suing countries in a publicly inaccessible World Bank court, or other secret tribunals, to overturn host country legal decisions.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Infinito Gold CEO John Morgan to respect community will and national law. Drop the suit against Costa Rica for opposing your irresponsible mine proposal!


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