Protect the George Washington National Forest

Protect healthy forests and clean water

When the Forest Service proposed a ban on horizontal fracking in the GW Forest in 2011, it drew tremendous support. Almost all of the 53,000 public comments encouraged the Forest Service to stick with its sensible limit on gas drilling including comments from major DC area water providers concerned that fracking would pollute metro area drinking water.

But drilling interests including Halliburton and Exxon pressured the Forest Service to abandon its proposal and the agency said publicly that it might allow horizontal fracking after all. Three years later, the Forest Service could make a final decision at any time, and it’s not too late to tell officials to say no to horizontal fracking in the forest.

George Washington National Forest, Virginia

TAKE ACTION: tell the Forest Service to say no to fracking in the George Washington National Forest.

Let them know the ban would protect the headwaters of drinking water sources for five million people in Washington, DC, Richmond and communities near the forest. The prohibition would also protect a spectacular place that attracts more than 1 million visitors each year for hunting, fishing, hiking and camping.

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