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DCM Dark

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Template author: Urangkurai

DCM Dark is a free premium blogger template with 2 columns, responsive design, left and right sidebars, gallery-styled, minimalist, exclusive design for Blogger, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, tabs, infinite scrolling and well formatted threaded comments.

Excellent layout for blogs about art, business, crafts, internet, news, a diary or photography.

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4.3 out of 5 based on 437 bloggers and 92 commenters.
Compatible with: FFIEChrome

Comments about DCM Dark blogspot template

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  1. Marty R. Woodcock 22 January 2014

    I just set up this template and added 2 posts. How do I edit the left navigation? Specifically, the “Layout”, “Videos”, “Galleries”, “Podcast” and “Robots” menus?

    This blog is for photojournalism, so I am not posting any podcasts or videos. What is the “Robots” menu for? I cannot see it having any use for photojournalism. How do I delete these non-essential menus? The FAQ page was not helpful, dealing with the above. How do I contact “the original author”?

    Any help in this would be awesome! Thank you in advance.

  2. Sriyono 23 January 2014

    Thank you . I use this template on my blog.

  3. backard 26 January 2014

    Hi i would also like to know how to edit the left sidebar .

    Anyone know how ?

  4. Arena Burung 16 February 2014

    terima kasih atas templatenya..
    nice boss..

  5. chuckyman 22 February 2014

    thank you

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  7. Dimas Aresuki 11 March 2014

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  8. zhousia 12 March 2014

    not bad~

  9. bahtiar adhitya putra 15 March 2014

    masang web jejaring sosial di html gmana nih

  10. rraghurramm 17 March 2014

    i have a news blog.i would like to use this template for my’s looking awsome..let’s give a try

  11. yas 27 March 2014

    Hi I want to change the colors and maybe the fonts.
    They tell me to put a CSS file but I don’t find it.
    Could you help me please?

    Thank you

  12. Shibaji Roy 23 April 2014

    I have got a problem the home page is working but there is a problem The Name of the blog is not showing properly it is hided by the post .

    Please do suggent some thing to solve the problem I have check it but dont under stand what to do help on these.

    Waiting for your reply.


    • residentgeek 8 June 2014

      i rant into the same issue.. the header/title is covered up by the first couple of blog images..

    • Shibaji Roy 18 July 2014

      residentgeek thanks for reply the problem was solved

  13. konveksi seragam top 25 April 2014

    Thank you . I use this template on my blog.

  14. friv 2 28 April 2014

    I have been waiting for someone to share this post. This has actually made me think and I hope to read more. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  15. danso 29 April 2014

    It’s so cool ..

    Thanks a lot .. //

  16. lapicomputer 1 May 2014

    best idea and good thing

  17. nerdequipment 19 May 2014

    Really, very informative your work: I like it, it will help many others. Thanks for update.

  18. john 26 May 2014

    nice one good info

  19. Friv 31 May 2014

    o, gracias, lo estoy usando de una manera amistosa,

  20. Saidul Hasan 12 June 2014

    please give me this website template download link

  21. Patrick A 13 June 2014

    My blog had 6 postings that showed up on the main page. When I added my 7th post, the main page only showed 4 blog posts. When I added my 8th post, the main page only showed 2 blog posts. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it? The Blog Posts widget on blogger is already set to show 14 posts on the main page.

  22. Shibaji Roy 18 July 2014

    Dear designer & developer thanks a lot . I have successfully launched my blog with this template. I had a problem but I figured it out & then No problem. “Its all Good If the end is GOOD” .

    Thanks Once again.

    Just give some time to your blog & try to understand the HTML code. if there is any error try to remove it.

    Bye have a nice day….:)

  23. haaji baba 31 July 2014

    cool siteee

  24. pandit k.k. shastri 31 July 2014

    vry vry nice tamplent

  25. SWAMI JI 31 July 2014

    it is the best site

  26. Faggius 12 August 2014

    Terrible template. Ugly blue box drops down when hovering over posts, post images obstruct and hide your blog logo and the .xml is a clusterfuck of a mess which makes adjusting and editing the template almost impossible. Removed from my blog instantly and discarded to the recycle bin.

  27. Rajib Mondol 18 August 2014

    I have to create a website. the design tips is useful for me and also people.

  28. Shehzad Ali 19 October 2014

    Very informative your work thank you.

  29. ss music 19 October 2014

    still some problem in the latest post coloum

  30. Nina 11 November 2014

    My lasts posts are in bigger double bigger box than others, why is that sir?

  31. Larry Daromes 13 November 2014

    Pictures I posted cannot appear in home menu. How to fix this?

    • Nina 13 November 2014

      Larry i have same problem on my all blogs (2 of them)

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