About Corinth Cares

Corinth Cares is an initiative by a group of Corinth residents concerned with the drilling for gas in close proximity of residential neighborhoods.

We are not against gas drilling. We are for greener methods per Drill Right Texas practices. Our intention is to inform Corinth residents about the possible risk associated with the drilling for gas close to our homes and schools by inviting experts to speak to our neighborhood.

We would also like to create awareness of the 11 variances requested by the applicant as part of the permit application for two wells on the property of the Lake Sharon Christian Center to our City Ordinances (put in place to protect our health and safety).

Our intent is to stop the Corinth City Council and Mayor from approving any of the requested variances and for the City to complete an impartial baseline environmental impact study prior to issuing any permits.

Corinth Cares



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