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Poor Range is getting beaten up!

In article published today in the Philadelphia Inquirer Range Resources discusses their neighborly attitudes:"I have to go through the same process over and over again, and get beat up every time," said Mike Middlebrook, vice president of North Texas operations for Range Resources Corp. This maybe why they continue to get "beat up"

"I've learned a lot about city government in the last two years."Middlebrook said the company has quickly learned how to be more responsive to the public. Range has its headquarters in Fort Worth, and has about 350 wells in the Barnett. It is also one of the biggest operators in the Marcellus.On a tour of one of the company's rigs, Middlebrook pointed out new houses where some neighbors had complained about noise. Range installed meters to verify the complaints.Middlebrook noted that residents closer to the well site had not complained because they have an economic interest in drilling - they are part of the lease that will receive royalties from the well's production."They're not hearing anything," he said.That's often the case in the oil and gas business - those who stand to gain financially often have a more positive view than those who are getting no direct benefits.Read the full story titled Well, Well Neighbor.