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Happy Fracing Earth Day!!!!

Yesterday two Denton residents reported what appeared to be illegal dumping of sewage by Range Resources employees from travel trailers parked on site at northwest corner of Bonnie Brae and Scripture. The odor and drainage was on the west side of the site outside of the sound barrier wall. The concerned citizens put in a call to the wastewater collections for the city of Denton whose solution was to send out a ‘crew’ to talk with the Range’s foreman. Range claimed that they had just lost a little drilling mud off one of their trucks. I guess they didn’t see any point in taking a sample of the spill nor did they get a really good look because they missed the big wads of toilet paper.     The concerned citizens proceeded to call TCEQ and TRC to look into the spill. Meanwhile Range starts bull dozing the spill to cover-up whatever it was they dumped/spilled/discharged/spewed/polluted. The police, fire department and other city officials watched as the cover-up occurred.      We are anxiously waiting on the reports from all the agencies which were contacted and from the city on how they intend to deal with this situation. I also can’t wait to see how Range will explain why they didn’t report the spill immediately.      You decided is it sewage or toxic mud? Here are some of the videos to help in your analysis of this perplexing situation: