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Natural Gas Facility Explodes in Cleburne- 1 Dead

Witnesses reported seeing a blaze that covered a circumference of 400 to 600 feet after a natural gas line exploded...CBS Channel 11

This is why a 500 foot setback is not okay from homes, schools, parks, hospitals....

"Laura Harlin, who lives about a mile from the scene, told CNN she heard a rumbling noise that sounded like a jet engine when the explosion occurred. She said her house shook and the rumbling lasted for about 10 minutes. " -from the Washington Post

Photos of the explosion.

Wake up Denton! The city is working on the city wide ordinance right now.  The current proposal is to have a setback of 1000 feet but with a possible allowable variance of 500 feet.  What happens is the gas companies sweep in promise royalties and give assurances that drilling will be safe.  That is how we now have the wells across from McKenna park. The same promises were given to the people of Corinth but luckily they realized what was happening before it was too late.