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Today's Stories November 13, 2014

Researchers Say New Cancer Drugs Are More Efficient

Dr. Edward Benz likens chemotherapy to "carpet bombing," and says the new drugs are "much more like smart bombs."

Kathy Gunst's Guide To Potatoes

Our resident chef gives us a primer on potatoes and shares recipes, including baked potato wedges and her take on potato gratin.

Milwaukee Residents Protest Police Shooting Of Mentally Ill Man

The officer was fired for the shooting, but Dontre Hamilton's family and supporters want him criminally charged as well.

What Does It Mean When Only 40 People Have Your Blood Type?

More From Today
12:27 PM EST Comment

A Personal Story About Cancer

It seems like cancer touches everyone. Here & Now's Alex Ashlock shared these thoughts on how it's affected his family.

12:06 PM EST Comment

 Louisiana Rivals Fight To Claim Keystone XL Bill

Sen. Mary Landrieu and Rep. Bill Cassidy are facing off in a Senate runoff, and they're both racing to pass votes on pipeline bills.

12:35 PM EST Comment

FIFA Report Clears Russia, Qatar Of Wrongdoing

There's war of words over an investigation into possible corruption in the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 soccer World Cups.

1:06 PM EST Comment

Utah Businessman Welcomes New U.S.-China Trade Agreement

The founder of an audio and video cable company in Ogden, Utah, discusses how the deal will affect him and other businesses.

1:12 PM EST Comment

U.S. Accuses Russia Of Undermining Ceasefire In Ukraine

More than 4,000 people have died since the fight between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces started in April.

1:35 PM EST Comment

Amazon And Hachette Reach Deal Over E-Books

Amazon and the publisher Hachette have ended a bitter dispute over e-book revenue, after reaching a new multiyear contract this morning.

1:40 PM EST Comment

Myanmar Elephants' Rights Threatened By Democracy

As Myanmar starts to rely on more modern construction equipment, what happens to the elephants that used to do that work?

1:50 PM EST Comment

Proposed Tobacco Ban Fires Up Citizens Of Small Massachusetts Town

Westminster, Massachusetts could be the first town in America to ban the sale of all tobacco and nicotine products, which has outraged many of the town's residents.

Recent Favorites
November 10 Comment

Remembering The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

On the 25th anniversary of the day the wall came down, Curt Nickisch of WBUR speaks to Germans about their memories of that time.

November 10 Comment

‘The Last Patrol’ Focuses On Coming Home From Combat

The documentary follows four men linked by combat, as they hike along Amtrak tracks in honor of a fallen peer.

November 7 Comment

An Old Drink Captures The Spirit Of A New Berlin

Schilkin is an East Berlin distillery with a long history. It's finding economic salvation in the new spirit of Berlin.

November 7 3 Comments

Bariatric Surgery May Alter Taste Buds

A leading specialist discusses some of the newest thinking and approaches - from surgery to public policy - to treat and prevent obesity.

November 6 11 Comments

Remembering The Battle Of Fallujah

A Marine unit that lost 28 men in the Battle of Fallujah, 10 years ago this month, reunited recently to remember their fallen comrades.

November 6 25 Comments

Scientists Develop New Ways To Tailor Cancer Treatment

Researchers are gaining a new understanding of how cancer cells operate, and that's leading to new therapies.

November 5 42 Comments

Sen. Bernie Sanders On The Midterm Results

As Republicans take the Senate by storm, the Vermont Independent - one of the most progressive voices in the Senate - is taking note.

November 5 8 Comments

Thumbs-Up For Higher Minimum Wages, And For Marijuana Industry

Besides electing lawmakers, voters settled ballot initiatives affecting everything from soda-pop taxes to fracking to marijuana sales.

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

November 12 Comment

Giving The Homeless A Camera To Tell Their Stories

A new project is handing out GoPro's to homeless people, hoping to give the public a closer look at who these people really are.

November 12 Comment

Uncovering The Past Alongside Archaeologists

The lives of archaeologists may not be as glamorous as the movies, but digging up ancient artifacts can be thrilling.

November 11 7 Comments

Amanda Palmer On ‘The Art Of Asking’

The performer is both celebrated and attacked for it. She writes in her new memoir, "I am totally not afraid to ask. For anything."

November 11 14 Comments

Vatican Astronomer Wins Top Science Prize

Michigan-raised Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno will become the first clergyman awarded the prestigious Carl Sagan Medal.