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Today's Stories November 6, 2014

Scientists Develop New Ways To Tailor Cancer Treatment

Researchers are gaining a new understanding of how cancer cells operate, and that's leading to new therapies.

Beyond The Ballot: Tuesday's Winners And Losers

Apart from the Republican Party and the winning candidates, who else fared well - and not so well - in the midterm elections?

Remembering The Battle Of Fallujah

A Marine unit that lost 57 men in the Battle of Fallujah, 10 years ago this month, reunited recently to remember their fallen comrades.

French Authorities Investigate Drones Sighted Over Nuclear Reactors

More From Today
1:06 PM EST Comment

What The Midterms Could Mean For The Economy

The economic agenda may change now that Republicans have won control of the Senate.

12:50 PM EST Comment

Wolf Spotted In Grand Canyon Could Be Gray Wolf

If the sightings are confirmed, it would be the first sighting of a gray wolf at the national park in 70 years.

1:50 PM EST Comment

Celebrating John Philip Sousa's 160th Birthday

Today, we celebrate the birthday of marching band composer John Philip Sousa. (And it's host Robin Young's birthday too!)

12:35 PM EST Comment

Ray Rice Seeks NFL Reinstatement

Sports analyst Mike Pesca talks about Rice's appeal after being suspended from the NFL in September for hitting his then-fiance.

12:55 PM EST Comment

Pale Male Still The Bird King Of Central Park

The red-tailed hawk has been spotted in and around New York City's Central Park since the early 1990s, and is still flying high.

12:40 PM EST Comment

President Obama Requests $6 Billion To Fight Ebola

The president is asking Congress for money to help fight the Ebola epidemic. We take a look at what the funds will go toward.

1:35 PM EST Comment

How Twitter Made #AlexFromTarget A Teen Idol

How did a 16-year-old Target employee become a viral sensation, inspiring a hashtag, a meme and gaining 600,000 Twitter followers?

12:45 PM EST Comment

Sierra Leone Struggles To Cope With Ebola Outbreak

Even where there are community care centers, there's not enough health infrastructure to handle the outbreak.

1:40 PM EST 8 Comments

Republicans Won More Of Latino Vote: What Will That Mean For Immigration Reform?

Following the midterm elections some activists wonder if Congress will be able to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

Recent Favorites
November 3 76 Comments

‘Car Talk’s’ Tom Magliozzi Dies

Tom and his brother Ray started hosting Car Talk in 1977. It soon became one of public radio's most popular programs.

November 3 5 Comments

What Brittany Maynard’s Death Might Mean For The Right-To-Die Movement

The 29-year-old moved to Oregon after being diagnosed with brain cancer so she could take advantage of the state's Death with Dignity law.

October 31 5 Comments

The Risk Is Small, But Warnings About Cell Phones At Gas Pumps Persist

There has never been a credible case of a cell phone sparking a fire at a gas pump. So why do we still see the warnings?

October 31 3 Comments

Why Tim Cook’s Coming Out Matters

The Apple CEO's announcement that he's "proud to be gay" makes him the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to publicly come out.

October 30 3 Comments

How Athletes Are Getting ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’

Mark McClusky says for elite athletes today, pushing boundaries and breaking records is all about "the aggregation of marginal gains."

October 30 23 Comments

A Computer Model Forecasts Ebola’s Future Path

With the virus in Africa, the U.S. and Europe, experts have created a computer model to predict where it could go next.

October 29 Comment

Reporter Crosses Into Syria To Tell Stories Of Fighters

Holly Williams of CBS discusses some of the people she's interviewed, including women soldiers on the frontlines.

October 29 10 Comments

How Far Have We Come Since The Financial Crisis?

Or are we already going backwards? We ask Michael Lewis, author of books including "Flash Boys" and "Liar's Poker."

Robin and Jeremy

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston.

November 5 37 Comments

Sen. Bernie Sanders On The Midterm Results

As Republicans take the Senate by storm, the Vermont Independent - one of the most progressive voices in the Senate - is taking note.

November 5 7 Comments

Thumbs-Up For Higher Minimum Wages, And For Marijuana Industry

Besides electing lawmakers, voters settled ballot initiatives affecting everything from soda-pop taxes to fracking to marijuana sales.

November 4 5 Comments

Study Shows Overnight Shifts May Affect Brain Power

Researchers studied day and night workers over a 10-year period and found shift work was associated with impaired cognition.

November 4 4 Comments

CSI For Animals: How An Oregon Lab Practices Forensics

A nondescript 40,000-square-foot building houses the world's only forensic crime lab for animals.