Code of the West

Far too often, environmental assaults are tied to political corruption — Max Shelby

In Wyoming, where some residents have been overrun with intense natural gas production and many can no longer drink their water, the state legislature recently adopted the Code of the West as ten guiding principles. This September, we appealed to the better angels of Argyle and Bartonville — and there are many — by reflecting on the code for our community.

Live Each Day With Courage
Speaking out is an act of courage. Closing the drapes and hoping it all go away is not.

Take Pride in Your Work
Natural gas development requires decision-makers to buy into the fantasy that industry fits in a neighborhood.

Talk Less, And Say More

The Great Commandment has fallen on fallow soils.

Know Where To Draw The Line
No line drawn around your own property will protect you and your property values.

When You Make A Promise, Keep It

It’s time to stop making excuses for the energy companies.

Be Tough, But Fair
Elected officials must answer to residents, not criticize them for asking questions.

Always Finish What You Start

No one has surrendered their power simply because they signed a lease.

Do What Has To Be Done
The reality of our community is that rural life has yielded to heavy industry.

Remember Some Things Are Not For Sale

Our children are noticing the problem. Some parents are speaking out. Some are not. Which parent do you want to be?

Ride for the Brand
The ABCAlliance was formed by those ready to ride for the brand. Join us.