Lesson on money in politics on way

Heated debates about the role of money in American politics will never go away.We’re familiar with all the old sayings.“Money is the mother's milk of politics.”“Money talks. Bullspit walks.”

Play it safe on Halloween

The scariest thing about Halloween is the risk involved in observing many of its customs — costumes that can inhibit movement and vision, candlelit decorations that pose a fire risk, trick-or-treating excursions that send small ghosts and goblins roaming sidewalks and crossing city streets — and we urge all Denton County residents to be on high alert this week.

Pay-for-play inches closer

To put to rest the recent online kerfuffle, the University of Texas isn’t about to open its impressive checkbook to start paying its student athletes for scoring touchdowns and sinking three-pointers.

Gifts add up to collective impact

For many, the harvest celebrations that surround Halloween signal the arrival of the holiday season, and area families will begin juggling their finances to cover special family activities and gifts.

Code enforcement too selective

We believe the city of Denton is too selective in its code enforcement actions, and we’ve said so before. The latest example of the city’s heavy-handed tactics was citing longtime local business owner Andre “Frenchy” Rheault on Thursday for flying too many American flags. Yes, you read that correctly — American flags.

Don’t take chances with flu

The Ebola virus has been dominating news reports recently and rightfully so, but as area authorities continue to refine their strategies for guarding against a possible outbreak, we fear that another, more common health threat may soon be wreaking havoc.

Guyer spreads anti-bully message

The Guyer High School anti-bullying committee has taken its message on the road, and we hope there are many repeat performances.

Support liquor sales proposition

We urge Denton voters to join us in supporting the Nov. 4 ballot proposition on liquor sales that would bring Denton into modern times. It would do two things: Bars and restaurants could stop the private-club charade that allows them to sell mixed drinks and, secondly, liquor stores could come into Denton and become part of the local economy.

Vote to improve Denton’s future

We urge Denton residents to approve all four bond propositions on the Nov. 4 ballot and clear the way for much-needed improvements.

Aviation drama comes to end

President Jimmy Carter signed the Wright amendment into law, George W. Bush signed the pact to end it, and Barack Obama is president on the day it finally ends. In fact, a person born the year Love Field flight restrictions went into place is now nearly old enough to run for president.

Vote ‘No’ on fracking ban

We urge Denton residents to vote “No” on the Nov. 4 ballot proposal to ban hydraulic fracturing.

Stick with facts, not opinion

Dishes rattle; walls crack. In earthquake-prone Japan people know what is happening. In Texas, these tremors are something new, and people are trying to understand their relationship to hydraulic fracturing, commonly called “fracking.” Fracking requires vast quantities of wastewater to be injected underground.

Help decide critical issues

You may have already voted in the Nov. 4 general election — officials told us that requests for mail-in ballots from Denton voters are up substantially over the total reported last spring — but it’s more likely that you’re still waiting.

Refine methods to combat Ebola

Asecond confirmed case of Ebola transmission in Dallas emphasizes the need for local, state and federal health officials to ramp up efforts to review hospital treatment procedures and eliminate opportunities for error.

Join walkers on White Cane Day

We urge you to join a walk on the Denton Square today to encourage a commitment to improved access to basic services for blind and visually impaired people.

Band learns life lessons

Anyone who doubts that the arts can be used to motivate students to achieve excellence in other areas could learn a thing or two from McMath Middle School’s jazz program.

Those with less give more

Here’s news to warm Scrooge’s heart. Americans who have the most are giving more — to themselves. Even as the income inequality gap yawns wider, the wealthiest Americans have reduced the percentage of income they give to charity while the poor and middle class are giving more.

Planetarium too good to waste

Last week’s lunar eclipse may have occurred well before daybreak, but it helped spotlight a unique Denton asset that is virtually unknown by many area residents.

Cole leaves lasting legacy

Buddy Cole was known for many achievements — Denton County judge, county commissioner and a member of the Pilot Point City Council — but friends and family remembered him Thursday as a good father and a man who loved his community and neighbors.

Winning spirit fills Denton High

Denton High School is on a winning track, and we congratulate everyone involved for helping to make this a year to remember.

Cross fingers for Deputy Monnig

Today and tomorrow, we wait and see if Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Monnig becomes the second confirmed case of Ebola in the United States.

Contribute to hazard action plan

Officials want the public to contribute today during a hearing on the Denton County Hazard Mitigation Action Plan, and we urge area residents to accept their invitation.

Deputy’s talent valuable to county

Deputy Leslie Willingham’s talent gives the Denton County Sheriff’s Office a valuable and unique weapon, and we’re proud that she’s on our law enforcement team.

Oversight overdue on incentives

It was no surprise that the first independent audit of Gov. Rick Perry’s Texas Enterprise Fund found widespread problems with its supervision. The audit reinforced previous reports and critiques by the media, watchdog groups and a handful of state legislators that the fund was sloppily managed.

Caring program good for Denton

We think it’s great that a movement called Actively Caring for People (AC4P) is now making its way to Denton and hope it will serve as a catalyst for additional goodwill efforts.

Take action now to have voice

It’s easy to look at the calendar and think that you have plenty of time before the Nov. 4 general election. After all, the big day is still a month from now, so there should be no worries. Right? We can think of at least one group of people who will have a major problem if they decide to adopt that attitude.

Residents’ safety a two-way street

We need to reverse a reported upward trend in vehicle-bicycle and vehicle-pedestrian accidents in Denton. Documents obtained by the Denton Record-Chronicle through open-records requests show that 73 traffic accidents involving bicyclists or pedestrians were reported between February 2013 and March 2014.

Scout helps preserve history

The historical marker recently placed in Plainview Cemetery northwest of Krum pays tribute to Denton County’s heritage, but it means much more, and we applaud the efforts of the Eagle Scout who helped bring it there.

Join fight against breast cancer

We ask each of you today to join us in pledging to continue the fight against breast cancer. It is our fight, after all — few lives have been untouched by this horrific and costly illness.

Coach’s message bears some fruit

We like coach Matt Fischer’s style. Fischer recently emailed the parents of several Crownover Middle School students to tell them that 103 of 135 students on his seventh-grade football team were failing in at least one class.

Time to take stand on sitting

As we sit and write this about sitting, we noted that there is yet another study noting that sitting is bad. Very bad. Like smoking, they say.

Meth problem getting worse

Methamphetamine is a horrible street drug. And the problem is getting worse in North Texas. Statistics show more meth coming across the border with Mexico. Meth-related drug arrests in Texas are increasing.

Other voices: Exploration pays off

When it comes to exploring the planet Mars, a half-billion-dollar investment can go a long way. Recently, NASA’s Maven spacecraft continued the space agency’s remarkable run of engagements with Mars by successfully entering orbit around the red planet after a 442 million-mile journey.

GreenFest offers something for all

The arrival of fall promises a rich crop of entertainment options, but we encourage Denton County residents to include the third annual GreenFest on the Greenbelt in their plans for today.

A-train good idea for State Fair visit

If you are considering not going to the State Fair of Texas this year because of construction on Interstate 35E, you do have an alternative to driving. Take the A-train.

Make informed vote on bonds

We encourage Denton residents to attend a community forum tonight on the city’s upcoming bond election.

Clock ticking on voter registration

Denton voters will see a crowded ballot for the November general election, with seven local propositions added to the various political races.

Nonprofits need help year-round

Thanks to all who supported area charities on North Texas Giving Day, an online donation effort that was held Thursday.

Textbooks, again

Here’s a familiar headline: “Fight brews over social studies textbooks.” It’s that time again, when our fractious State Board of Education reviews and adopts textbooks for our 4.7 million public schoolchildren. It’s a high-stakes undertaking, since Texas, with the second-largest public-school population in the country, wields considerable influence over other states’ textbook selections.

Convention center doesn’t make sense

We’re not sold on Denton’s convention center project, although City Council members seem determined to make it happen.

Student’s work worth praise

Denton High School junior Joshua Boring is a determined young man, and we’re proud that he represented Texas on Wednesday at Constitution Day festivities on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

Church leading way on HIV/AIDS awareness

Public ignorance about HIV/AIDS continues to put people at risk, and we commend members of a Denton church for refusing to be silent about the issue.

Speak for the trees

We think it’s a positive sign that Denton City Council members want to see an emphasis on planting trees, but we can’t help wondering why they waited so long.

A day for generosity

Don’t forget to go online Thursday to support your favorite Denton County nonprofit agencies on North Texas Giving Day.

Ring bells for our Constitution

We believe Sept. 17 should be circled on every American’s calendar. This critical date marks an important chapter in United States history, but far too many people are unaware of its significance.

Meatless Mondays about education

Beware the bean burrito. More than legume-filled deliciousness, it could represent the work of an “activist movement” that seeks to starve your children of meat and turn them into — vegetarians.

Collaboration creates top attraction in area

Sounds like everyone involved in North Texas Horse Country Tours is riding for the Denton County brand.

Get involved in Denton’s future

Planners have asked Denton residents to preview a new draft vision statement for the city’s future, and we urge them to accept the invitation.

Mentor Denton seeks volunteers

We have a suggestion for anyone who would like to help strengthen the community — consider becoming a volunteer with Mentor Denton.

Remain vigilant against terrorism

Today we pause to remember and pay tribute as ceremonies around the area and throughout the world mark the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.