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Landowners living in an area of current or potential oil and gas development may be approached by a representative of an oil and gas company that is wanting to drill a well on their land. Most landowners are at a serious disadvantage because they do not own their minerals (due to the split estate issue), they are unfamiliar with the industry, and they are unaware of their legal rights. OGAP has produced information designed to help landowner better understand the oil and gas industry, and better understand their rights.


OGAP provides support to communities, landowners and local governments by presenting workshops on the oil and gas development process, including coalbed methane; information on oil and gas regulation; legal issues related to surface owner rights; and alternative practices that can be used to minimize the impacts of oil and gas development. Landowners, community groups and local governments may contact OGAP if you are interested in setting up a workshop in your community.


Oil and Gas at Your Door? A landowner's guide to oil and gas development (2005)

This downloadable, 200-page guide provides detailed information on the oil and gas development process; the potential impacts and issues related to drilling and operations; the regulation of oil and gas; landowner legal issues; negotiating surface use agreements; and numerous landowner stories.

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