Dad Says Use the Right Tool

by admin on April 12, 2012

In this exchange between Joe Shine, who evaluates air permits for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and Jeff Stovall, who cooks up the permit numbers for Williams and Mockingbird, we find a number of disturbing elements. We know so many of you ABCAlliance blog readers are sharp, too, so weigh in. We look forward to seeing your reaction to this exchange.

Dad always said don’t be using the wrench handle to whack at a nail. Go get the hammer.

Why do state regulators allow a WATER SAMPLE to determine fugitive AIR emissions? Loading doesn’t just happen at the produced water tanks. There’s a slop tank and frack tanks at Argyle Central, too. If residents report odors during loading  — which they have — then why isn’t there AIR SAMPLING to know what the truckers and the neighborhood are truly being exposed to IN THE AIR? 

How many thousands of other natural gas facilities in our non-attainment area are allowed to gloss over this requirement?

Nothing about these air permits are truly about protecting the air. All it does is give operators the regulatory cover they need to pollute our neighborhoods.

That’s why the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has 3,516 employees. That’s a lot of regulatory cover.

Hey, Dad, where did you put that hammer?

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