Lynn Sheffield Simmons / The Place is Argyle

Before daylight recently, my two Yorkshire terriers awakened me needing to go outside. Our yard is fenced with corral boards covered with welded wire and since there isn’t any food or water to attract wandering animals, I thought it would be safe to let them out in the dark.

Lynn Sheffield Simmons / The Place is Argyle

The Argyle Yogurt Station will help to raise funds for Corbin Johnson, an Argyle seventh-grader who has a blood disorder, by donating all of its profits on Sunday, Oct. 26, to assist the family with medical expenses.

Aaron R. Gray: Ag researcher to speak at Aubrey cattlemen event

Food. It used to be so simple. Our grandparents and great-grandparents grew most of their own food and only needed a few rudimentary staples from the “store” to make everything they needed to feed their family.

Becca Dickstein / Native Roots

Little bluestem’s, Schizachyrium scoparium’s, late summer green foliage turns radiantly golden, then to a rosy color then to brownish mahogany red during the autumn through winter, making it strikingly attractive from late summer through winter.

Matt Gohlke / Pools

The 100-degree days appear to be over for this year. Soon it will be getting cold, and I have heard several weather forecasters call for a winter that is colder and wetter than normal. That doesn’t bode too well for pools if preparations aren’t made, especially in the Denton area.

Janet Laminack / Horticulture

Do you have a mysterious contraption in your garage that controls your irrigation system that you don’t know how to operate? Are you puzzled by how much to water your trees, lawn and flower beds?

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