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by admin on April 30, 2012

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The Stink of Racism that Fuels the Armendariz Witch Hunt

Sunday, April 29, 2012

You won’t find it in the official stories being written by The Caller, or the National Review, or Forbes or Politico. That’s what dog whistles on the Right are for. But you sure will in the comments sections of each of those publications. Even in the laid back Dallas Observer piece on the contrived controversy.“Spic, “Beaner,” “another product of the Black Plague,” “Don’t let the country re-nig” - these are just some of the lovely things being written by folks in making the argument about how why Dr. Armendariz should resign. It’s ridiculous to think that these people will be satisfied with Dr. Armendariz’s resignation – they’re still mad a black guy is President. And it’s one more reason why we need to loudly speak up for him. If you don’t think the ethnic origin of his last name has anything to do with the last couple of days of faux-outrage, you’re kidding yourself. Go read the comments sections and then go send an e-mail to EPA Administrator Jackson asking her to stand with Dr. Al and against this kind of racism:

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