Tell Macy’s to sign the Golden Rules of responsible metals sourcing

Because gold jewelry should mean "I love you", not "I poisoned someone's drinking water".

They're famous for their Thanksgiving Day parade, "Black Friday" deals, and last-minute Christmas sales. 

Unfortunately, Macy's now risks becoming synonymous with "dirty gold." That's because, unlike 8 of the top 10 jewelry retailers, they haven't signed the "Golden Rules" for more responsible metals sourcing and committed to cleaning up their gold supply chain.

Jewelry demand accounts for more than 80% of each year's mined gold – which is why we've been talking with Macy's for a long time about opposing irresponsible gold mining by signing the Golden Rules. But they haven't come around.  So now we need your help.

Tell Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren to sign the Golden Rules!

This holiday season, people are considering buying jewelry as a token of affection for their loved ones. But is this token of love contaminated with dirty gold?

Tell Macy's that no gold necklace or ring is worth a community's clean water, or a child's health.

Tell Macy's to join other major jewelry retailers and sign the Golden Rules.


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Terry Lundgren

Macy's CEO

Holly Thomas

Macy's VP for Media Relations