To Stop Climate Change We Must Stop Methane Leaks

Methane (natural gas) is often released by fracking. And it’s 86 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Some drillers seeking oil think methane is more trouble than it’s worth -- so they vent it or flare it, rather than capture it for sale. And even drillers looking to sell methane have problems with venting and leaking.

Flare in Bradford Co., PA

The oil and gas industry is capable of capturing methane. Often, these upgrades pay for themselves: methane can be sold it it's captured... rather than vented, leaked or flared.

Last June, President Obama said, “curbing methane emissions is critical to our overall effort to address climate change.” While true, right now those are empty words because he hasn’t followed up with action.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Obama Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Department of Interior (DOI) to prevent wasteful methane leaks, and to protect clean air. Tell them to directly regulate methane.


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