Tell Congress: support the Frack Pack! Close loopholes for polluters.

It's time for frackers to play by the rules.

The Frack Pack, five bills recently introduced in Congress, would finally force the oil and gas industry to follow many of the same environmental laws as other industries and help protect our clean air and clean water.

Existing loopholes in bedrock environmental laws put our health and environment at risk. Today's fracking loopholes allow the industry to pollute our air and water, keep their questionable techniques and chemical usage secret, and bypass safety regulations for storing and disposing of dangerous chemicals.

This probably should not be exempt from major environmental laws! Photo by Les Stone

What does that mean for us? These fracking loopholes hurt our health and safety. Fracking is dangerous and must at least be regulated like other industries. That's the first step for cleaning up this dirty energy and protecting communities impacted by drilling.

The Frack Pack bills include:

  • the FRAC Act, which applies the Safe Drinking Water Act to fracking, makes fracking chemicals public, and closes the "Halliburton loophole" that denies the EPA's authority to protect our drinking water from fracking;
  • the BREATHE Act, which closes the loopholes in the Clean Air Act for the oil and gas industry and cleans up toxic air pollutants;
  • the FRESHER Act, which closes the loophole in the Clean Water Act and protects rivers and streams from oil and gas drilling site pollution;
  • the CLEANER act, which makes toxic oil and gas waste subject to federal hazardous waste laws and requires precautions be taken when storing, transporting, or disposing of this dangerous material; and
  • the SHARED Act, which requires testing of water sources near planned fracking sites before fracking occurs to establish baseline conditions and determine the source of any water contamination.

What does that mean for us? Fracking is dangerous and should at least be regulated like other industries. That's the first step for cleaning up this dirty energy. 

TAKE ACTION:  Tell Congress to make the fracking industry play by the same rules as. Co-sponsor the Frack Pack bills today!


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