Earthworks' Mission

Earthworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development while promoting sustainable solutions.

Earthworks stands for clean air, water and land, healthy communities, and corporate accountability. We work for solutions that protect both the Earth’s resources and our communities.

How We Work

We fulfill our mission by working with communities and grassroots groups to reform government policies, improve corporate practices, influence investment decisions and encourage responsible materials sourcing and consumption.

We expose the health, environmental, economic, social and cultural impacts of mining and energy extraction through work informed by sound science.

The Genesis of Earthworks

Earthworks evolved from the work of two organizations: Mineral Policy Center and the Oil & Gas Accountability Project.

MPC logoMineral Policy Center was founded in 1988 by Phil Hocker, Mike McCloskey and former Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall to help reform mining laws and practices.

Mineral Policy Center’s track record of success includes: protecting Yellowstone National Park from the proposed New World gold mine, protecting 400,000 acres of the scenic Rocky Mountain Front, preventing mineral development near Yosemite National Park and helping to defend Argentina’s pristine Patagonia region from another proposed open-pit gold mine, and requiring mining companies to report their toxic releases in the United States.

OGAP logoIn 1999, the Oil & Gas Accountability Project (OGAP) was founded to work with people in rural, tribal and urban communities to protect their homes and environment from the devastating impacts of oil and gas development — bringing together such diverse partners as Native Americans, ranchers, sportsmen and environmentalists.

OGAP’s accomplishments include: the permanent protection of New Mexico’s Valle Vidal, the passage of precedent setting reforms for landowner rights and environment from oil and gas wastes in New Mexico, the first-ever governmental requirements for disclosure of gas drilling chemicals in Colorado, and the local government adoption — in eight states — of OGAP-initiated best practices.

In 2005, these two organizations joined forces.

Collaboration, Efficiency and Effectiveness

Earthworks partners with local affected communities, national and international advocates to respond to and solve the growing threats to the earth’s natural resources, clean water, biodiversity, special places and communities from irresponsible mining, drilling, and digging.

Earthworks is dedicated to mobilizing the public, and governmental and corporate decision makers to take action against the destructive impacts of extraction. Join us today!

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