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Mine tour tripWhen the oil and gas or mining industry shows up in a community, citizens and local governments are often caught off guard. 

In these hard economic times, promises of jobs, huge lease bonuses or taxes to fund local government coffers can sound extremely appealing.

But the reality of development is often quite different.  And citizens and local governments are too often left wishing they had done more to protect their land, environment, health and communities -- starting from the moment the industry first arrived. 

Earthworks works with citizens and communities to help them

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Earthworks initiatives to serve communities

Citizen Support

Citizen Support

Earthworks Oil & Gas Accountability Project was founded to help citizens wrestling with the oil and gas production industry.

Regulatory Reform

Regulatory Reform

Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability Project works with citizens to pass and implement oil and gas regulatory reform and best practices

Drilling Alternatives

Drilling Alternatives

Earthworks' Oil & Gas Accountability Project works with communities who refuse to accept drilling their communities, and to publicize the need for alternatives to drilling.

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