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Oswald Slept Here

Oswald Slept Here: Lives Changed by a Flash of History

Meet the people Lee Harvey Oswald left in his wake the day he shot JFK in these short profiles, and get an intimate feel for the long-term effects of the assassination for everyday people.

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First, do no harm

First, Do No Harm

A multi-year investigation by The Dallas Morning News revealed a patient safety crisis at Parkland Memorial Hospital that illustrates some of the choices and trade-offs of modern health care at big teaching hospitals, along with the life-and-death consequences of those decisions.

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Hope and Renewal

Hope & Renewal: Essays and Meditations for Easter

Inspirational stories of faith, loss, hope and forgiveness.

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A True Maverick

A True Maverick: Mark Cuban's path to the NBA championship

Follow Mark Cuban's development from a broke kid just arriving in town to a sophisticated team owner in this short collection of stories and essays from The Dallas Morning News.

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The Big German

The Big German: Dirk Nowitzki's journey to NBA champion

Dirk Nowitzki got his start as a shy 20-year-old from Wurzburg, Germany with a dry wit and stunning ball handling skills. By being himself and becoming a champion, he rose from 10-time All-Star and 2007 league MVP and being arguably the best European-born player in NBA history to transcendent athlete. This short collection of stories from The Dallas Morning News helps you get to know him and enjoy the game even more.

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Texas High School Football

Texas High School Football: 15 Amazing Moments

Texas high school football is full amazing plays and dramatic moments that come at a pivotal point in athlete's lives. These stories will remind you of those Friday nights under the big lights as they capture the essence of why we love the game.

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Celebrity Playlist

Celebrity Playlist: More than 200 albums artists love

Hundreds of musicians, from Bono to Lucinda Williams, told us about their favorite music.

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Choosing Thomas

Choosing Thomas

The moving story of a couple who decides to continue a pregnancy with a baby certain to die outside the womb. Follow this story with moving photos and videos as they discover the joys of life amid grief.

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Living to Tell

Living to Tell: Stories of lives saved by organ donation

Learn what it's like to save someone from death with a powerful, generous act. These compelling stories will give you a fresh outlook. Proceeds from the book go to DonateLife.net.

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Private Battles

Private Battles: Military Families' Strengths and Struggles in a Time of War

Learn how military families stay strong despite the struggles of wartime and separation.

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Zach's Journey

Zach's Journey: A story of boyhood, bravery and blindness

Rapidly and surely, Zach Thibodeaux is going blind. At the age of 8, he’s coping with questions that are hard to imagine: How do you prepare for a life of blindness? What would you want to see? What would you do?

In this short story, follow his inspiring journey as he savors life with the sight he has left, learns to navigate the world in a new way and feels his family and community rally around him.

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Yolanda's Crossing

Yolanda's Crossing: A girl's journey from abuse to the American dream

Over 6 years, Yolanda Mendez was kidnapped, abused and forced into child labor, until at last she had to choose whether to murder her captor or escape.

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Thanksgiving: A Collection of Essays, Prayers and Toasts

Set the tone for the day with meditations on gratitude, plus prayers and toasts to say at the table.

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