Ways to Listen to NPR

NPR makes it easier than ever to stay informed. From in-depth news coverage to breaking news to local station programming, you can enjoy NPR and our stations – for free! You're on the go. And NPR can go with you. Whatever your device or location, an NPR experience is ready for you.

Ways to Listen to NPR

  • AM and FM Radio: Network of Member Stations

    There are a total of 268 NPR Members operating 835 stations. In total there are 987 stations airing NPR programming. i i
    There are a total of 268 NPR Members operating 835 stations. In total there are 987 stations airing NPR programming.

    NPR Member Stations are independent, locally owned and operated broadcasters. In an era of media consolidation and corporate ownership, these local stations are becoming an increasingly rare and even more vital source of local news and information for the communities they serve. About 95 percent of the American public live within the range of an NPR Member Station. Find one near you or where you'll be traveling.

  • NPR.org

    NPR.org i i

    From mobile to tablet to desktop, NPR audio is available on all devices through NPR.org. Play a live stream from your local station, or hit "Listen" to browse audio from all of our shows and hourly news updates.

  • NPR One: Public Radio Made Personal

    NPR One is our new digital listening app that blends NPR and Member Station news reporting into a rich, localized, on-demand experience. On iPhone or Android, listen to the latest local, national and world news in a curated stream customized for you. As you listen, you can mark individual stories as "interesting" so the app can better tailor the content just for you. NPR One blends NPR's editorial judgment with your personal tastes and creates moments of discovery.

  • Podcasts

    NPR Podcasts

    Each month, millions of people download their favorite NPR programs for convenient listening without an internet connection. NPR podcasts on-air favorites like Fresh Air and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! as well as digital-only programs like All Songs Considered and Pop Culture Happy Hour. You can find NPR podcasts and podcasts from NPR Member Stations in the iTunes Store, in many mobile listening apps, and in the NPR Podcast Directory.

  • Mobile Apps: Pocket Sized Public Radio

    Each NPR mobile app takes the quintessential NPR experience you've come to expect on the radio and added even more convenience. The NPR News Apps for iPhone and Android allowing you to both listen and read the latest news and stories from the range of NPR programming while on the go. The NPR News App is equipped with a customizable playlist, which allows selecting, organizing and time-shifting NPR programs or stories. The NPR iPad App will let you experience NPR content organized by News, Arts & Life and Music, with audio and visual content that's broad, deep and timely. Engage, explore and discover new music of all genres with the NPR Music Apps for iPhone and iPad. Listen to NPR in your car like never before with the NPR News App for Ford SYNC.

  • iTunes Radio

    iTunes Radio screen shot
    iTunes Radio

    NPR has become the first news provider on iTunes Radio. Our 24-hour stream includes national newscasts, stories from Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and other news and cultural programming. And what you hear now is just the start of what's to come. In the future, digital streams from NPR Member Stations across the country will begin appearing on iTunes Radio.

  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio

    NPR Now

    NPR and public radio programming can be found on SiriusXM Satellite Radio channel 122, NPR Now. The NPR Now channel features a combination of news and entertainment programs, including Fresh Air, Here & Now, Tell Me More, Car Talk, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! from NPR and other public radio favorites like Marketplace from American Public Media. Programming on NPR Now includes programs from public radio stations and independent producers.

  • HD Radio

    HD Radio
    iBiquity Digital Corporation

    HD Radio allows stations to broadcast multiple program streams by using a digital signal embedded within their analog AM/FM signals. Imagine, your favorite NPR station providing continuous news on one channel and your favorite music on another, that's the way HD1 and HD2, HD3, and even HD4 work. The technology also provides display information such as song and artist information, as well as weather and traffic alerts. And best of all, HD reception, just like traditional radio, is free. All you need is an HD Radio tuned to a public radio station with an HD Radio signal. (HD Radio is a trademark of iBiquity Digital Corporation.)

  • NPR Worldwide

    NPR Worldwide i i
    NPR Worldwide

    NPR programming can be heard all over the world through the Hotbird satellite and the Armed Forces Network. Check the website of Armed Forces Network for the most up to date schedule of public radio programming. The schedule for the Hotbird satellite is included here: